4 Axis CNC Router Machine

4 axis CNC router is to increase the fourth axis C axis on the basis of the ordinary plane three axis CNC router machine. The existence of the C-axis can be a main shaft that swings from side to side and rotates 180°, or it can add an additional rotating shaft that can rotate 360°.

4 axis CNC machine has four processing directions of X, Y, Z and A axis. Therefore, it can realize the processing of three-dimensional work pieces such as Dragon pillar, Guanyin statue, Buddha statue, Roman column, gourd and so on. And it can be also widely used in three-dimensional wave board processing, cabinet doors, solid wood doors, craft doors, paint-free doors, screens, craft window processing, shoe polishers, game cabinets and panels, mahjong tables, computer tables and panel furniture products’ auxiliary processing.

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    Foam CNC router machine with 4 Axis for foam board cutting and foam relief carving, 4 axis swing head for 3D foam mold making, 4th axis for rotary milling and cutting styrofoam, EPS and XPS foams, now the 3 axis CNC foam router machine for sale at cost price.